Writers needed!

Hello everyone ( :
i need more writers, so if anyone is interested, contact me!

I need writers for..
* cheats/free items
* tips
* reviews of new stardoll stuff (e.g. new hairstyles, new clubs)
* and anything else that i can't think of. :D

Writers need to be..
* kind - i don't pick writers only for their experience, i also pick them on how friendly they are on their profile, posts etc.
* experienced - but it doesn't really matter if you haven't written on a blog before, as long as you tick the other boxes!
* active
* good at spelling/grammar - being my usual fussy self, i always like to have writers who have good english.
* trustworthy - would YOU want spamming on your blog?
* a follower of the blog
* a member of stardoll.com - quite obviously.

Once they become a writer for this blog, they will get..
* a picture of their me-doll on the sidebar and a link to their suite.
* a picture of their me-doll on the title banner.
* a custom banner for themselves, but if they already have one then they can use that.
* a page about themselves.
* to host contests, make good rules up, and basically nearly have control of the blog like i do. xD

VISIT ME - Brightshine27 - if you are interested in becoming one!